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Drupal 7 for

This template builds a Drupal 7 site, with the entire site committed to Git.

Drupal is a flexible and extensible PHP-based CMS framework. Version 7 is the legacy support version.


  • PHP 7.2
  • MariaDB 10.2


  1. Run through the Drupal installer as normal by visiting <project url>/install.php. You will not be asked for database credentials as those are already provided.

  2. Once Drupal is fully installed, We strongly recommend switching to Redis-based caching. See the documentation for instructions on how to do so.


The following changes have been made relative to Drupal 7 as it is downloaded from If using this project as a reference for your own existing project, replicate the changes below to your project.

  • The, .platform/services.yaml, and .platform/routes.yaml files have been added. These provide configuration and are present in all projects on You may customize them as you see fit.
  • The .platform.template.yaml file contains information needed by's project setup process for templates. It may be safely ignored or removed.
  • The /public/sites/default/settings.platformsh.php file contains code to map environment variables into Drupal configuration. You can add to it as needed. See the documentation for more examples of common snippets to include here.
  • The /public/sites/default/settings.php file has been heavily customized to only define those values needed for both and local development. It calls out to settings.platformsh.php if available. You can add additional values as documented in default.settings.php as desired. It is also setup such that when you install Drupal on the installer will not ask for database credentials as they will already be defined.



Drupal 7 (Vanilla) template for



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