React components for sorting, filtering and pagination of data.
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DataTable: Live demo and source

SelectableTable: Live demo and source

Getting started

npm install react-data-components --save

This component requires Bootstrap stylesheet and Font Awesome fonts, in addition to the stylesheet for headers. If you are using Webpack and the css-loader you can also require the css with require('react-data-components/css/table-twbs.css').

Using the default implementation

The default implementation includes a filter for case insensitive global search, pagination and page size.

var React = require('react');
var ReactDOM = require('react-dom');
var DataTable = require('react-data-components').DataTable;

var columns = [
  { title: 'Name', prop: 'name'  },
  { title: 'City', prop: 'city' },
  { title: 'Address', prop: 'address' },
  { title: 'Phone', prop: 'phone' }

var data = [
  { name: 'name value', city: 'city value', address: 'address value', phone: 'phone value' }
  // It also supports arrays
  // [ 'name value', 'city value', 'address value', 'phone value' ]

      initialSortBy={{ prop: 'city', order: 'descending' }}
  ), document.getElementById('root'));

See complete example.