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Continuous deployment examples using Puppet, Jenkins, Maven, Tomcat,...
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Continuous Delivery with Maven, Puppet and Tomcat

Examples of setting up a continuous delivery process using Maven, Tomcat, Docker, Puppet, Vagrant, Jenkins, Cucumber, Beaker and other helpful tools for my talks. Evolved through the different talks, unsing latest tools.

Continuous Integration, with Apache Continuum or Jenkins, can be extended to fully manage deployments and production environments, running in Tomcat for instance, in a full Continuous Delivery cycle using infrastructure-as-code tools like Puppet, allowing to manage multiple servers and their configurations.



Install Docker.

Install all required gems

bundle install

Change the $repo var in mymodules/acme/manifests/tomcat_node.pp to the location of a repository where you can deploy the Maven builds, accessible from the vagrant vms

$repo = 'http://carlos-mbook-pro.local:8000/repository/all/'

Install all Puppet modules with Puppet Librarian

librarian-puppet install

Run the specs with puppet-rspec

bundle exec rake

Build the Docker Tomcat image, change the REPO environment in docker/tomcat/Dockerfile with the location of your repo.

docker build -t csanchez/appfuse-tomcat docker/tomcat

Run the system specs with beaker

bundle exec rake beaker

Start the stack containers. We assume they are up all the time Create a host entry docker.local pointing to your Docker host.

docker run -d --name db -p 5432:5432 postgres:8.4.22
docker run -d --name nginx -p 80:80 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock jwilder/nginx-proxy
sleep 10 # wait for postgres to be up
docker run -d --name tomcat -p 8081:8080 --link db:db -e TOMCAT_PASS=admin -e VIRTUAL_HOST=docker.local -e VIRTUAL_PORT=8080 csanchez/appfuse-tomcat

The app should be available at http://docker.local.

Integration tests

To run the integration tests you can start the containers and run the cucumber tests with rake

rake integration

To run the cucumber step that accesses the login page you will need to have phantomjs installed. To install in OS X with homebrew

brew install phantomjs

Continuous integration jobs

Building these jobs in jenkins. Each job triggers the next. The production updates can run in parallel.


Maven job building continuous-delivery branch of Use your repository url instead of localhost.

clean deploy -DaltDeploymentRepository=maestro-archiva::default::http://localhost:8000/repository/snapshots -DskipTests=true -P h2

appfuse QA

Shell job building

bundle exec rake spec
docker build -t csanchez/appfuse-tomcat docker/tomcat
bundle exec rake beaker
docker rm --force db tomcat nginx || true
docker run -d --name db -p 5432:5432 postgres:8.4.22
docker run -d --name nginx -p 80:80 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock jwilder/nginx-proxy
sleep 10 # wait for postgres to be up
docker run -d --name tomcat -e TOMCAT_PASS=admin -p 8081:8080 --link db:db -e VIRTUAL_HOST=docker.local -e VIRTUAL_PORT=8080 csanchez/appfuse-tomcat
bundle exec rake qa
docker rm --force db tomcat nginx || true
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