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Canary Deployments with Flagger


Install Istio, Prometheus and Flagger

jx create addon istio
jx create addon prometheus
jx create addon flagger

Istio is enabled in the jx-production namespace for metrics gathering.

Create a Istio Gateway in istio-system namespace:

kubectl create -f ../istio/gateway.yaml

Get the ip of the Istio ingress and point your wildcard domain to it

kubectl -n istio-system get service istio-ingressgateway -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}'

Application Configuration

Add the canary object that will add our deployment to Flagger. Add it to the Helm chart so it is created when promoting to jx-production namespace.

Optional: Create a ServiceEntry to allow traffic to the Google metadata api to display the region

kubectl create -f ../istio/google-api.yaml

Grafana Dashboard

kubectl --namespace istio-system port-forward deploy/flagger-grafana 3000

Access it at http://localhost:3000 using admin/admin Go to the canary-analysis dashboard and select

  • namespace: jx-production
  • primary: jx-production-croc-hunter-jenkinsx-primary
  • canary: jx-production-croc-hunter-jenkinsx

to see the roll out metrics.

Prometheus Metrics

kubectl --namespace istio-system port-forward deploy/prometheus 9090


If a rollback happens automatically because the metrics fail the GitOps repository for the production environment becomes out of date, still pointing to the new version instead of the old one.

Croc Hunter Demo

Promote to production

jx promote croc-hunter-jenkinsx --env production --version

Tail the flagger logs

kail -d flagger --since=5m

Generate traffic to show the version served

while true; do
    out=$(curl -sSL -w "%{http_code}"
    date="$(date +%R:%S)"; echo -n $date
    echo -n "$out" | tail -n 1 ; echo -n "-" ; echo "$out" | grep Release | grep -o '\d*\.\d*\.\d*'

Generate delays and errors to show automatic rollbacks

watch curl -sSL
watch curl -sSL