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Jobeet2Bundle is the well known day by day tutorial for symfony 1.4 ported to Symfony2.


Jobeet2Bundle is mantained to be installed with the latest symfony-standard version (at this time RC3)

clone repository

git clone git:// src/Application/Jobeet2Bundle

Initializing the bundle

To start using the bundle, initialize the bundle in your kernel. This file is usually located at app/AppKernel:

public function registerBundles()
	return array(
		// ...
 		new Application\Jobeet2Bundle\Jobeet2Bundle(),

Register namespace

Add the Application namespace to your autoloader

// app/autoload.php
	// ...
	'Application'					 => __DIR__.'/../src',    	

Add the following routes to your global routing file (app/config/routing.yml or app/config/routing_dev.yml)

    resource: "@Jobeet2Bundle/Controller/Jobeet2Controller.php"
    type:   annotation
    prefix: /jobeet

    resource: "@Jobeet2Bundle/Controller/JobController.php"
    type:   annotation
    prefix: /job

    resource: "@Jobeet2Bundle/Controller/CategoryController.php"
    type:   annotation
    prefix: /category


Jobeet2Bundle uses:

Install assets

app/console assets:install web --symlink

Build the database

In SE modify parameters.ini to your database settings

You can set them manually in config.yml

## Doctrine Configuration
   		dbname:   symfony2-jobeet
   		user:     root
   		password: xxxxxxxx
   		logging:  %kernel.debug%
   		auto_generate_proxy_classes: %kernel.debug%
       		Jobeet2Bundle: ~

create the database schema running the following commands

php app/console doctrine:database:create	
php app/console doctrine:schema:create 

Load data fixtures

php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load

Try the application

Make sure the web folder is document root and visit the site:


or http://localhost/web/app_dev.php/jobeet


Add following lines to your config.yml to customize your application

Jobeet2 Configuration

    max_jobs_on_homepage :  15
    max_jobs_on_category :  20 
    active_days:            30

or leave as default

jobeet2: ~   


Don't ask, just fork it and enhance it. Any commit/comments will be welcome!!

Hope it helps!!