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A task for Azure DevOps Pipelines to run newman tests.
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Newman the cli Companion for Postman

** Not an official task **

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Using Newman, one can effortlessly run and test a Postman Collections directly from the command-line. Now in a task!

How to

You can include this task in a build or release pipeline. Here's a quick 'How To'


  1. Add a npm task to install Newman before execution.

  2. Set a display name (eg : 'Install Newman').

  3. Set custom as command

  4. As 'Command and arguments' set install newman -g


Configure this task as per your requirements. (see here and here for options)


Test report can be integrated in Team Services.

To do so :

  • Select at least junit as a reporter option (others can be added).
  • Optionaly specify path to export junit report.
  • Add a 'Publish Test Result' task, to process generated Junit report. Specify format (JUnit) and path and to xml file.

Execution is now reported with test statistics.

alt text

Report - HTML Extra

  1. Add a npm task to install Newman-reporter-htmlextra before execution.

  2. Set a display name (eg : 'Install Newman-reporter-htmlextra').

  3. Set custom as command

  4. As 'Command and arguments' set install -g newman-reporter-htmlextra

  5. Select "htmlextra" from the reports list

Note About Failed Tests

If your tests are failing, then you will not see the results in the test tab. You can read more about it here, but to resolve that you can:

  1. On the task for the Postman tests mark the checkbox for Continue on Error.
  2. Add a Publish Test Results task and have it search for the following test file **\newman-*.xml.

Realize that this will then NOT fail your pipeline because your tests failed. There is currently no documented way around this.


Following command line options are not supported:

  • -x,--suppress-exit-code
  • -color
  • --ssl-client-passphrase
  • None of the CLI option

Breaking change(s)

Version 4.x

  • The sslStrict parameter is renamed as sslInsecure in order to better match with the actual behavior of the parameter: setting it to true will use newman --insecure option to disable the strict SSL verification.

Known issue(s)

  • None

Learn More

The source to this extension is available. Feel free to take, fork, and extend.

View Notices for third party software included in this extension.

If you use a Postman Enterprise account workspace check out this task to use in a pipeline. Here's the post explaining it from the tasks author.

Minimum supported environments

  • Azure DevOps Services
  • Team Foundation Server


We thank the following contributor(s) for this extension:


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