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gSLICr: SLIC superpixels at over 250Hz


This is the software bundle "gSLICr", a library for real-time superpixel segmentation written in C++ and CUDA. The current version is maintained by:

Carl Yuheng Ren :
Victor Adrian Prisacariu :
Ian D Reid :

For more information about gSLICr please visit the project website

Other related projects can be found in the Oxford Active Vision Library

1. Updates from gSLIC

  • Works for any size / number of super pixels
  • With GTX Titan X, 3.4ms@640x480, 12ms@1280x960, 20ms@1920x1080 image
  • Multi-platform supported
    • Win8 Visual Studio
    • Ubuntu 14.04
    • Mac OSX 10.10

2. Building the System

2.1 Requirements

Several 3rd party libraries are needed for compiling gSLICr. The given version numbers are checked and working, but different versions might be fine as well. Some of the libraries are optional, and skipping them will reduce functionality.

2.2 Build Process

To compile the system, use the standard cmake approach:

  $ mkdir build
  $ cd build
  $ cmake /path/to/gSLICr
  $ make

To run demo:

  • plug in a webcam
  • use the standard cmake approach:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
  • press s to save current segmentation result to current folder.

3. What to cite

If you use this code for your research, please kindly cite:

	author = {{Ren}, C.~Y and {Prisacariu}, V.~A. and {Reid}, I.~D},
	title = "{gSLICr: SLIC superpixels at over 250Hz}",
	journal = {ArXiv e-prints},
	eprint = {1509.04232},
	year = 2015,
	month = sep

arxiv linke