Partial implementation of JSEG image segmentation in CUDA
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Partial implementation of JSEG image segmentation in CUDA

CS 610 - GPU Programming Patrick Carlson JSEG Image Segmentation - Final Project 11/27/10


  • CUDA (on
  • OpenCV (on
  • CMake >= 2.8.1 (on


I used CMake to generate the makefile. Thanks to Ryan for helping me with this. I also used his cmake-modules which help look for OpenCV. All his files are in the "cmake" folder.

To build:

cd JSEG mkdir "build" cd build ccmake ..

Specify the location of the NVIDIA CUDA SDK and whatever else it asks for. Then configure and assuming there are no errors generate (which creates a makefile).

If you make a mistake, sometimes you have to delete the CMakeCache.txt file and rerun cmake.

Then just run make.

Running the program:

Copy your image to the build directory so it's easier to run

./JSEG -i -m -q <number of quantization classes (<=64)> -w <window size in pixels (must be odd)> -g <run on GPU (default is false)>

Use GPU: (use -g true) ./JSEG -i picture.jpg -q 10 -w 9 -g true

Use CPU: (leave off -g parameter) ./JSEG -i picture.jpg -q 10 -w 9

Make sure -q <= 64 and -w is odd


Sometimes I would get significantly different J value results between the GPU and CPU. However, after refactoring some code and fixing some bugs I have not seen this issue resurface. Perhaps I fixed it inadvertently?

Movie analysis is not finished. For some reason, when I try to initialize cvCapture and open up a file, it fails. I'm not sure if perhaps the version of OpenCV on gpu1 is old or what. I tried both the C and CPP versions and both compiled but neither worked. So I gave up on that and just focused on single images.

Paper References

Deng, Y., & Manjunath, B.S. (2001). Unsupervised segmentation of color-texture regions in images and video. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 23(8), 800-810.

Wang, Q., & Wang, Z. (2010). A Subjective Method for Image Segmentation Evaluation. Computer Vision - ACCV 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 53-64.