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Work in progress repo for resurrection of CouchDBX — A Mac OS X wrapper for CouchDBX
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Work in progress repo for the resurrection of CouchDBX — A Mac OS X wrapper for CouchDB

This is a reimplementation of the work originally done By Jan Lehnardt and others. See

The current status of this version is "exploratory work".

Installation and Usage

The original version of CouchDBX packaged Erlang and CouchDB. That's our goal.

For the moment though this version relies on a homebrew installation of CouchDB to function.

  1. Please follow the instructions at to install CouchDB with Homebrew.

  2. Build CouchDBX-Redux in Xcode and run.


  1. Packaging Erlang and CouchDB.
  2. What features should the app have?

Please contribute/comment here or on the mailing list.

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