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# fabpup: Fabric Interface to Puppet REST API
# Author: Jason Ashby
import requests
import ast
import os.path
import sys
# Default Settings
fabpup = {
# puppetmaster host
'host': 'localhost',
# port for puppet rest API
'port': 8140,
# environment
'environment': 'production',
# what format to return: pson, yaml
'return_format': 'pson',
# Returns a list of hosts matching a set of fact conditions
def get_hosts_by_facts(facts=None):
if facts is None:
print "ERROR: facts is not defined in gethosts_by_facts."
hostlist = []
headers = {'Accept': fabpup['return_format']}
requrl = "https://%s:%d/%s/facts_search/search" % (fabpup['host'], fabpup['port'], fabpup['environment'])
r = requests.get(requrl, headers=headers, params=facts, verify=False)
# convert unicode string "list" to a python list
hostlist = [ item.encode('ascii') for item in ast.literal_eval(r.text) ]
# set hosts in global Fabric "env.hosts" variable
return hostlist
# Returns a list of hosts in a text file containing one host name per line
def get_hosts_by_file(filepath):
with open(filepath) as f: pass
except IOError as e:
print 'ERROR: file does not exist: %s' % filepath
hostlist = []
for line in open(filepath):
# strip line endings
hostlist.append(line.rstrip('\r\n\t \t'))
return hostlist