Port of HTML5 Boilerplate to Django templates, plus static site generator.
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Site Starter

Port of HTML5 Boilerplate to Django templates, plus static site generator.


  • HTML5 Bolierplate (+ build script)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Compass (SASS)
  • Django Template based HTML generation

(I'll eventually get round to writing some pointers to the above but at this stage I'm basically assuming you know what these are, and how to install/use them -- or at least have someone who'll get you started. -- If that doesn't apply ping me on Twitter @carltongibson and I'll try and bump it up the list.)


  1. Clone or download files. If cloning it's probably worth renaming master branch and origin remote so you can track changes to site-starter but push to your own remote. (February 20, 2012: I have notes on this. Ping me on Twitter @carltongibson if I've not posted them and you want help with this.)
  2. Create a new Python virtualenv for your project.
  3. $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. GO!


Watch for template changes

From root folder:

$ watchmedo shell-command -c 'python static_site.py' layout/ templates/

This will build your HTML files into www/

Compile your SASS files

From www/

$ compass watch

Serve the files during development

From www/

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Site will be available at http://localhost:8000/

Run the h5bp build script

From www/build/

$ ant build

Now upload the publish folder.