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#Data Journalism Links and Resources
####Prepared by: [Carl V. Lewis]( (@carlvlewis)
#### Prepared for: The Florida Times-Union/
#### Dates: Nov. 28-30, 2012
+ The Many Words for Visualization:
+ Federal data sources:, (source for shapefiles).,,,, list of additional sources by department/data type.
+ Catalogs/data exchanges:,,,
+ Georgia data sources:, State Ethics Committee, OASIS.
+ Geographic data sources: Census Bureau Shapefiles, Google KML file database.
+ Scraping: Haystax, CometDocs, ScraperWiki.
+ Excel formulas for journalists:
+ Mr. Data Converter:
+ Adobe Kuler:
+ 0to255:
+ 960 Grid System:
+ Paper prototyping templates:
+ Mapping tools: CartoDB, Google Fusion Tables, Leaflet, qGis, Tilemill, MapBox.
+ Batch Geocode:
+ Color Brewer:
+ MarkerClusterer:
+ Shape to Fusion converter:
WYSIWYG charting tools:, Google Spreadsheets charts,
+ Other charting resources: Google Code Playground, Highcharts, Tableau Public.
Handy visualization JavaScript libraries: Timeline.js, Bubbletree.js, Raphael.js.
+ Other projects: Processing!, Gephi, D3.js, ManyEyes.
+ Readings: œThe Data Journalism Handbook from O™Reilly Media, œVisualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Visualization by Nathan Yau, œœEmotional Design and œThe Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman, œThe Visual Display of Qualitative Information by Edward Tufte.
+ Blogs:,,, Guardian Data Blog,,
+ Another software roundup:

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