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Controlling blink(1) devices on Linux

In general you will need to install the udev rule file "51-blink1.rules", so that a non-root user can talk to blink(1). See that file for details.

Command-line tool "blink1-tool"

To build the commamnd-line tool, you should be able to do: % cd ../commandline && make and it will build a "blink1-tool" executable. There are dependencies on libusb-1.0. See the Makefile for details.

Then to make the blink(1) do things, do something like: % ./blink1-tool --rgb 255,0,255

Type "./blink1-tool" by itself to get a help screen.

Mini-HTTP server "blink1-server-simple"

There is a small web server based on Mongoose in the commandline directory that is not built by default. Do a "make blink1-server-simple" to build it. If you run it, it will sit on port 8080 and control the blink1 via a few special URLs.

For example, to turn the blink(1) blue over 5 seconds: % curl ''