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Blink1Control - Mac OS X application for blink(1)

To build, open blink1/mac/Blink1Control/Blink1Control.xcodeproj in Xcode4.

All dependencies are included in the 'blink1' project.

Local webserver URL API:

See the document 'blink1/app-url-api.md'

Older version:

  • / -- docroot for static HTML files hosted in "html"

  • /blink1

    -- general status page for blink(1) devices connected to system -- returns:

  • /blink1/list -- list blink(1)s -- response: list of blink(1) device ids -- response example: { "status" : "ok", "blink1_serialnums" : [ "FE0023","FD12CC" ] }

  • /blink1/fadeToRGB -- params 'rgb' = rgb hex color code 'time' = time in float seconds 'serialnum' = blink1 serial number to use, if omitted, use first blink(1) -- returns: -- example: ?rgb=#FF33dd&time=1.2

  • /blink1/addPattern

  • /blink1/listPatterns

  • /blink1/playPattern

  • /blink1/input/watchfile/?path= -- can only watch one file at a time -- file is watched on 3 second interval -- when file changes (created or modified), it is parsed. -- valid parse values: "color: #ff00ff" & "pattern: patternname" -- return: success or failure (what is failure? file non-exist?)

  • /blink1/input/runscript/?cmd= -- returns: output of script

  • /blink1/input/audio/ -- returns: audio output loudness 0-255

  • /blink1/input/cpuload/ -- returns: cpu load percent 0-255

Open Source Software used in this application

In general, the software packages are copied fairly wholesale, and only those files relevant are added in the XCode build settings. This means that even if a package can create a Framework, it is not used, and the source files are used instead.

Compilation notes

  • ARC is turned off globally in Build setting, turned on per-file