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The Ruby/GD2 interface using FFI bindings.
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Ruby/GD2 - Ruby binding for Thomas Boutell's gd 2.x graphics library
Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Robert Leslie <>

FFI modifications copyright (C) 2010 J Smith <>

Robert's Notes:

I wrote this Ruby library because I wasn't satisfied with the existing
Ruby/GD extension library. Among other things, it had no support for
creating images from PNG or JPEG data already in memory.

Ruby/GD2 is 100% Ruby and uses dl to link with the gd shared library. Most
of the gd API is supported in some way, however the interface is quite
different so that we can do things The Ruby Way as much as possible.

Most of the documentation for this library is now in RDoc form.

J's Notes:

DL just doesn't want to work correctly on my x86_64 linux boxes and on
OSX, so here's a refactoring using FFI.

These modifications were partly inspired by Patrick Stenmark's
work, which can be found at,
although the goal of these modifications are a complete GD2 Ruby
library using FFI. I've also included the beginning of a test suite,
although coverage isn't quite complete yet..

This GD2 library should "just work" as a replacement for Robert's
original GD2 library, although without a complete test suite and
the time and resources to do complete testing, it is difficult to
know for sure. Reports on successful test runs are welcomed.

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