A few tools to parse and analyze a downloaded Facebook account.
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The Facebook Analyzer is a tool to parse and analyze a downloaded Facebook account's information for interesting statistics.

Getting Started - Instructions:

  • Download your facebook information
  • Download and unpack the Facebook Analyzer package in the same directory as your downloaded facebook information. The index.html file from the downloaded facebbok information files should be in the same directory as the Facebook Analyzer package's fb_parser.py file.
  • Run python fb_parser.py from a shell in the above directory. Don't know what this means? Ask your child. Don't have children: ask your neighbor's children.
  • Open up the results.html page in your browser and browse your results.

So far, we have statistics for the following:

  • Wall posts by day, month and year.
  • Most common words (including swear words).
  • Most common profiles posting on wall.

all presented in interactive javascript graphs.


Screenshot of Facebook Analyzer Results Page

Fork and contribute! Evan