clerk - mpd client, based on rofi
Shell Python Makefile


MPD client using bash and rofi

Screenshot (V3)



  • Play random Album/Tracks
  • Add/Insert/Replace Albums/Songs
  • Manage current Queue
  • Locate Album/Track in Library
  • Toggle scrobbling
  • Love current Song on
  • Rate Albums/Tracks
  • Load rated Albums/Tracks
  • Play Similar Songs
  • Control mpd options
  • Customizable Hotkeys

Written completely functional, nearly every option is accessible from command line. For example clerk --random track will play random songs.

see clerk -h for all default arguments.

From every database related menu it's possible to add/insert/replace one or multple entries. For this to work, you need a recent rofi build from git.


Optional Dependencies


  1. Install dependencies (each binary needs to be in your $PATH)
  2. Copy config.clerk to $HOME/.config/clerk/config and edit it.
  3. Copy clerk and clerk_helper to $PATH
  4. Run clerk

For arch linux there is a package in AUR


  1. It's not working properly
    Make sure to have your files tagged properly. You need: albumartist, artist, album, date, tracknumber, title tags.
  2. mpd says 'connection closed by server'
    increase your max_output_buffer_size in mpd.conf
    I requested a chunked protocol feature here (which got closed - no fixable)