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Example Projects for Android and iOS showing ways to build custom message streams
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Carnival Stream Examples


Welcome to the Carnival Stream Examples source repo. The idea of this repo is to help you build your own stream inside your application, to display messages sent with

Sample code is available for both iOS and Android, with iOS including both Swift and Objective-C code. We have worked to make the code as self contained as possible, meaning installation into your own is as simple as possible. Once imported to your own applications, you should tweak the designs to suit the look and feel of your own application.

Alternatively, you can use these samples to learn more about how you'd build your own examples from scratch.

For specifics for iOS and Android, see their respective READMEs. (iOS | Android)


These examples are fully open source. If you'd like to suggest an improvement, make an improvement or report and issue - please do! We'll review them ASAP and get back to you.

If you customize the examples in a big way, please commit them back to the app so others can benefit too.

Docs and Support

Our docs are at for more information. Any questions? Create an issue or email at

Libraries Used

For iOS, we use SDWebImage and DateTools. For Android, we use Swipeable Recycler View and Picasso with no changes.


See here.

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