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import re
regex = re.compile('[^a-z0-9]')
# Stripping the word of spaces/punctuation/caps
def convert(word):
word = word.lower()
word = regex.sub('', word)
return ''.join(word)
# The goal is to rank an anagram based on the number
# of steps to get from the first word to the second
# Scoring is a tricky problem covered elsewhere
# Appears to be NP hard
# This is an imperfect solution that sees how many matching
# chunks exist from the first to the second
# Is not guaranteed to give the right score because
# If letters are repeated there are multiple different ways
# of chunking the first word
# But it does give a reasonable score, quickly
def score(word1, word2):
word1 = convert(word1)
word2 = convert(word2)
i = 0
chunks = []
if len(word1) != len(word2):
return -1
while i < len(word1) + 1:
chunk = ''
for j in range(i+1, len(word1)+1):
if word1[i:j] not in word2:
chunk = word1[i:j]
if chunk:
i = i + len(chunk)
i = i + 1
return len(chunks)