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Pushbullet Notifications


Valid syntaxes are as follows:

  • pbul://{accesstoken}
  • pbul://{accesstoken}/{device_id}
  • pbul://{accesstoken}/#{channel}
  • pbul://{accesstoken}/{email}

You can also form any combination of the above and perform updates from one url:

  • pbul://{accesstoken}/{device_id}/#{channel}/{email}

If neither a {device_id}, #{channel}, or {email} is specified, then the default configuration is to send to all of your configured devices.

Parameter Breakdown

Variable Required Description
accesstoken Yes The Access Token can be generated on the Settings page of your Pushbullet's account. You must have an access token for this Notification service to work.
device_id No Associated devices with your Pushbullet account can be found in your Settings
channel No Channels must be prefixed with a hash (#) or they will be interpreted as a device_id. Channels must be registered with your Pushbullet account to work.
email No Emails only work if you've registered them with your Pushbullet account.


Send a Pushbullet notification to all devices:

# Assuming our {accesstoken} is abcdefghijklmno
apprise pbul://abcdefghijklmno
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