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Getting Started

  • Installation
  • Multi Scripts: This is truly the bread and butter of this framework. Allow your script to combine all of the script types below into one easy to maintain script. Write a script that is both a Scan Script and a Post-Process Script. This also includes the ability to merge NZBGet's functionality with SABnzbd to support both communities.
  • FAQ


The following script types are used with NZBGet.

  • Post-Process Scripts: These are scripts that execute after a download completes. -- nzbget docs
  • Scan Scripts: Scan scripts are called when a new file is found in the incoming nzb directory (option NzbDir). If a file is being added via web-interface or via RPC-API from a third-party app the file is saved into nzb directory and then processed. NZBGet loads only files with nzb-extension but it calls the scan scripts for every file found in the nzb directory. This allows for example for scan scripts which unpack zip-files containing nzb-files. -- nzbget docs
  • Queue Scripts: Queue scripts are called after the download queue was changed. In the current version the queue scripts are called on defined events, described later. In the future they can be called on other events too. -- nzbget docs
  • Scheduler Scripts: These are scripts that execute on period times through-out the day that you define (in NZB-Get) -- nzbget docs
  • Feed Scripts: Feed scripts are called after an RSS feed is read and before it is processed by NZBGet. nzbget docs
  • Configuration Actions: Allow your scripts to be called right from NZBGet's settings page.


The following script types are used with SABnzbd.


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