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-== About this fork
+== About watu_table_builder
-I forked to convert it into a gem using Bundler and most importantly, having a
-gemspec so it can easily be added to a Gemfile.
+watu_table_builder is a fork of [table_builder]( in an effort to bring it up to
+speed with the current Ruby and Rails practices (bundler, gem, ci) as well as maybe re-vive it, start merging useful
+branches, implementing new features, fixing bugs, etc.
-Then we also added some features (check the commit history).
+= Install
-If you have changes you thing should be merged back into mainstream, feel free to send me a pull request, I'd like to
-try to maintain as complete as possible branch and then maybe release it as a gem (maybe with another name).
+Add this to your Gemfile:
+ gem "watu_table_builder", :require => "table_builder"
+or if you prefer to use it straight from GitHub:
+ gem "table_builder", :git => "git://"
= TableBuilder
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<% end %>
<% end %>
-== Install
-Inside your Gemfile:
- gem "table_builder", :git => "git://"
== Contributing

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