Allow one or multiple methods to the :day_methods option. #13

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This is great if you start and end dates on your object. I feel like this is a wanted feature out there.

You can do either:

<%= => :calendar_date) do |day, tasks| %>

Or you can pass an array:

<%= => [:start_date, :end_date]) do |day, tasks| %>

I figured rather than forcing people to switch to an array (even if they had one method on the :day_method), they can update this gem without having to change their code.


@marclipovsky marclipovsky commented on the diff Aug 28, 2012
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Add this to your Gemfile:
or if you prefer to use it straight from GitHub:
- gem "watu_table_builder", :require => "table_builder", :git => "git://"
+ gem "watu_table_builder", :require => "table_builder", :git => "git://"
marclipovsky Aug 28, 2012

Sorry you can leave out this line.

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