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Carp is mainly developed on macOS, but it also works fine on Linux. Windows is currently not supported - but please get in touch in case you want to help out with that!

Building the Carp executable from source

  1. Make sure you have Stack installed.
  2. Clone this repo to your machine.
  3. Run stack build in the root of the project directory.
  4. stack install will install the Carp command line tool for easy access on your system.
  5. Make sure that the directory where stack installs executables is on your PATH, i.e: export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH.

Setting the CARP_DIR

The carp executable must know where to find its core libraries and other files. Set the environment variable CARP_DIR so that it points to the root of the Carp repo.

For example, add this to your .bashrc or similar:

export CARP_DIR=~/Carp/

You should now be able to start Carp from anywhere:

$ carp

C compiler

The carp executable will emit a single file with C code, main.c and try to compile it using an external C compiler. On macOS and Linux it defaults to clang, on Windows it's cl.exe.

You can configure the exact compiler command like so:

(Project.config "compiler" "gcc --important-flag")

SDL, GLFW, etc

The examples involving graphics/sound/interaction will require the following libraries installed on your system:

Please let us know if you have trouble getting these examples to work.