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enigma2 Support for Homey

This Project allows Control of Enigma2 devices via Homey over TCP/IP


  1. openWebif needs to be available on the enigma2 device
  2. Setup of enigma2 App via Homey required. Start Homey App, open the More section, select Apps Menu, open enigma2 entry and Click on "Configure app"

Support Overview

when / trigger flowcards

  • polling required, therefor currently not decided. If you like to put in arguments, visit Athom Community

and / condition flowcards

  • Power is ON
  • Power is OFF
  • Radio mode is used
  • TV mode is used
  • be continued if you have ideas, visit Athom Community and let me know

then / action flowcards

  • deep standby mode
  • reboot enigma2 software
  • reboot receiver
  • send command as ID (see below for Info)
  • send message
  • standby mode
  • standby wake
  • Volume mute
  • Volume set (0% - 100%)
  • Volume unmute
  • be continued if you have ideas, visit Athom Community and let me know

Supported Languages

  • 🇳🇱 dutch - Thanks to Martin Timmermans
  • 🇬🇧 english
  • 🇩🇪 german
  • other Contribute here or file a pull request on GitHub

deep standby mode

WARNING: After this flowcard is executed you can't control the box over the Network Interface anymore!


During the Input you need to make sure you follow these Format: Type|Timeout|Message inbetween the different Sections no Spaces are required. Here are the different Supported Variables: Type:

  • 0 = Yes / No (currently only Display, no action yet implemented)
  • 1 = Info Message
  • 2 = Plain Message
  • 3 = Attention Message


  • set it to 0 to be endless displayed or Provide Time in seconds


  • Type your Text here, to make a new line use \n in the Text without a Space afterwards.

For Supported Devices check the following

Due to limited access to all enigma2 enabled devices, i was only able to test the functions at an Dreambox 800HDse and a few less on an VU+ duo2, if any Issues are observed, please file an Issue on GitHub or Post to the Athom Community Forum Topic.

  1. Check Google Spreadsheet: Google Spreadsheet Green = Fully Supported
    empty Green = Not Programmed in this Device
  2. Pictures of the Boxes can be found here: OpenWebif Box Pictures
  3. Pictures of the Remotes can be found here: OpenWebif Remote Pictures


Version 1.0.3

  • Typo & Text Correction
  • Fix for App Crash when wrong Configuration is used

Version 1.0.1

  • Code Cleaning, Commenting & Formating
  • Bumping to Version 1.0.0 (first stable Release)


enigma2 Support for Athom Homey







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