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TestExpert : a Java automagically unittest generator
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What is TestExpert

TestExpert is a framework which automatically generated JUnittests for Java applications.

Why use TestExpert

To shorted the time of writing unittests for already written code. TestExpert fills the gap between writing code and writing test. Despite the succes of TDD - which is a great principle and I really like it - there are still numerous lines of code which should be covered by unittests. Writing them is a pretty tedious and long process which will be hard to pick up - and finish. TestExpert can help. Just annotate your code with expectations and generate a test. Collaborating classes will also be hammered out in the test so writing EasyMock / jMockit mocks although being a nice job can be skipped.

No more writing of JUnit tests. Just expectations in the form of annotations

How After installing ... see below By creating a fixture document, creating an expectation above the method to-be tested and you're in business.

Getting started

Installing TestExpert

See the enclosed INSTALL.pdf for detailed instruction for installing TestExpert See the Wiki for up-to-date Installation Instructions.


See the FAQ section of the project Wiki.

Please help out

This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the Issues list on Github to provide that feedback.

License terms

TestExpert is published under the liberal terms of the BSD License, see the LICENSE file. Although the BSD License does not require you to share any modifications you make to the source code, you are very much encouraged and invited to contribute back your modifications to the community, preferably in a Github fork, of course.


Raymond Loman Carpago Software

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