"Continuous Deep Q-Learning with Model-based Acceleration" in TensorFlow
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Normalized Advantage Functions (NAF) in TensorFlow

TensorFlow implementation of Continuous Deep q-Learning with Model-based Acceleration.




First, install prerequisites with:

$ pip install tqdm gym[all]

To train a model for an environment with a continuous action space:

$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --is_train=True
$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --is_train=True --display=True

To test and record the screens with gym:

$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --is_train=False
$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --is_train=False --display=True


Training details of Pendulum-v0 with different hyperparameters.

$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 # dark green
$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --action_fn=tanh # light green
$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --use_batch_norm=True # yellow
$ python main.py --env_name=Pendulum-v0 --use_seperate_networks=True # green




Taehoon Kim / @carpedm20