"Neural Turing Machine" in Tensorflow
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Neural Turing Machine in Tensorflow

Tensorflow implementation of Neural Turing Machine. This implementation uses an LSTM controller. NTM models with multiple read/write heads are supported.


The referenced torch code can be found here.

** 1. Loss sometimes goes to nan even with the gradient clipping (#2).** ** 2. The code is very poorly design to support NTM inputs with variable lengths. Just use this code as a reference.**



To train a copy task:

$ python main.py --task copy --is_train True

To test a quick copy task:

$ python main.py --task copy --test_max_length 10


More detailed results can be found [here](ipynb/NTM\ Test.ipynb).

Copy task:

alt_tag alt_tag

Recall task:

(in progress)


Taehoon Kim / @carpedm20