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  • GovernorComments
    Allow users/guests to comment on your articles, and store the comments in your database.
  • GovernorThinkingSphinx
    Adds blog indexing and searching using ThinkingSphinx.
  • GovernorFormatters
    Adds some basic formatting so you don't have to type your articles up in HTML.
  • GovernorAtom
    Adds an atom feed to your blog.
  • GovernorStates
    Allows you to mark articles as a draft, published, or hidden, using an underlying state machine.
  • GovernorBackground
    More of a middle-tier plugin that other plugins can add on to, it allows you to run background processing jobs, just in case there's something you want to execute outside of the normal request/response cycle.
  • GovernorBlogger
    Built on top of GovernorBackground, it crossposts your blog to Blogger.
  • GovernorLivejournal
    Same thing as GovernorBlogger, except with LiveJournal.
  • GovernorTwitter
    Announce your article to twitter, as you post it. (Built on top of GovernorBackground, so it'll post in the background.)
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