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Purpose and Scope

  • Community Building: bring together members of the Carpentry community, including instructors, partners, advocates, and staff, together with people sharing similar interests from around the globe. We will have a “come and learn” format that is different from most conferences.
  • Sharing Knowledge: The event will include sessions on teaching methods, curriculum development, community organization, and leadership skills. (As noted in the preamble, the final list of sessions will be determined by the program committee in consultation with the community, balancing “who wants to learn what?” with “who’s willing to teach what?”.)
  • Networking: Opportunities will be provided for participants to come together informally to share stories about challenges and successes.
  • Contributed talks/posters: There will be at least one session where attendees can share how they have incorporated Carpentry techniques into their own research and teaching, and/or how they have grown their local Carpentry community. This is crucial as presenting will be a requirement if attendees are seeking travel support from their home institution.

The CarpentryCon Task Force (TF)

The CarpentryCon Task Force has been created within the carpentries to help organize and coordinate the CarpentryCon. All the roles and responsibilities of the TF member is described here.

All the plans, progress and resources of TF are reported within this repository.


Minutes of past meetings are available here.

Members of current TF


  • SherAaron Hurt (Sher!)
  • Serah Njambi Rono


(Chairs and members of previous CarpentryCon will act as point of reference and will keep the work of TF on track)

  • Fotis Psomopoulos
  • Malvika Sharan
  • Mark Laufersweiler
  • Danielle Quinn

Area Chairs and members

See the Carpentry Con 2020 website.

Code of Conduct main contact

  • Malvika Sharan (taking this role as a Code of Conduct Committee member)

Useful Links



official website



Information and ideas for CarpentryCon



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