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Breakout 4: Incubating a Carpentry: Library Carpentry


Belinda Weaver

Tim Dennis, Belinda Weaver


Library Carpentry is software and data skills aimed at librarians, archivists, and other information workers.

The training is designed to help library professionals work more efficiently and to teach the skills learned at a workshop to others, for example, colleagues, students, and researchers. Training takes place in face-to-face workshops. Lesson materials are made available online, under a CC BY license, for self-directed study or for adaptation and reuse by library professionals.

Library Carpentry was developed and is maintained by volunteers. All activity is - at present - voluntary. An interim governance group has been formed to lead the project, with the aim of electing a formal steering committee in May. For more on that, see this blog post. Management and maintenance are distributed. Each module is maintained by one of more individuals responsible for co-ordinating maintenance of that module. Changes to lessons are managed using the GitHub Issue tracker. Announcements and initial discussion takes place in our chatroom. New members are welcome to join this community. Sign up here.