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Workshop 5: HPC Carpentry


Christina L. Koch, Peter Steinbach


Using the HPC Carpentry Session as a precursor, we would like to work on existing introductory HPC material in this workshop with all attendants. At the heart of it, we aim to motivate small working groups that pick a topic of their liking from the existing open-source teaching materials and improve it.

Our vision is two-fold: First, come up with good examples to introduce pure novices to e.g. logging in, what does a scheduler do and how to use one, making sure you know just enough bash. Second, we are interested in improving or creating examples to showcase the bread-and-butter features of HPC : array jobs, MPI or HTC style pipelines.

Any of the above can involve exercise teaching, creating pull requests, opening issues or just hand-written notes. For those, that wish to have first-hand insight into an existing HPC Carpentry program, feel free to sign up to a HPC-in-a-day workshop just before CarpentryCon here.