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Reusable texts for community use

This document includes text people are welcome to repurpose for use in job applications, grant applications and applications for tenure. It lists the skills gained and benefits to people from their Carpentries' involvement.

Text for Trainers

The Carpentries (Software, Data and Library Carpentry) is a volunteer organisation whose members teach foundational computational and data skills to researchers and people working in library- and information-related roles, e.g., programming basics in R and Python, use of the command line, and version control. Housed on GitHub, all Carpentries’ lessons are open source, with an open contribution model, and lessons are collaboratively created and maintained by volunteers.

I have volunteered as a [Software|Data|Library] Carpentry Trainer for YYY years.Trainers prepare people to teach as [Software|Data|Library] Carpentry instructors. Rather than focus on workshop content, the Carpentries' instructor training curriculum teaches evidence-based methods that underpin successful pedagogy. It educates instructors on ways to create and foster a supportive and inclusive workshop environment. Being a Carpentries' Trainer has sharpened my skills in the following ways. I have

  • developed my teaching capabilities, both through the course I attended to certify as a Trainer and through regular practice since [perhaps list # workshops taught]
  • gained greater insight into and knowledge of proven, evidence-based, teaching best practice
  • managed interpersonal interactions with a wide range of learners from varying backgrounds
  • gained useful perspectives and adaptability through teaching learners with different levels of knowledge and skill
  • developed research and teaching insights by instructing learners from a range of disciplines
  • volunteered my time to help teach others because I believe in the importance of these skills to foster research
  • learned better time management to stay on top of all my commitments
  • deepened my understanding of equity and inclusion principles through [Software|Data|Library] Carpentry's ethos and Code of Conduct.