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Reusable texts for community use

This document includes text people are welcome to repurpose for use in job applications, grant applications and applications for tenure. It lists the skills gained and benefits to people from their Carpentries' involvement.

Text for Maintainers

Software, Data and Library Carpentry (The Carpentries) are volunteer organisations whose members teach foundational computational and data skills to researchers and people working in library- and information-related roles, e.g., programming basics in R and Python, use of the command line, and version control. Housed on GitHub, all Carpentries’ lessons are open source, with an open contribution model, and lessons are collaboratively created and maintained by volunteers.

I have worked as co-Maintainer of the XXX [Software|Data|Library] Carpentry lesson for YYY years. This work is somewhat similar to the role of an associate editor at a journal - someone who evaluates submissions and helps shape a journal's direction and content. Lesson maintenance involves discussing and resolving issues raised about the lesson, managing corrections and updates to material, and implementing larger directional and content upgrades.

Working as a lesson Maintainer has sharpened my skills in the following ways. I have

  • developed excellent version control skills and experience with git and GitHub
  • broadened my strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities
  • gained valuable experience managing a collaborative project – both the technical aspects and managing interpersonal interactions with a wide range of community members
  • gained useful teaching insights and perspectives by working so closely on a specific lesson
  • developed transferable skills in software development and teaching
  • volunteered my time to help teach others [computing|data] skills because I believe in the importance of these skills to foster research
  • learned better time management to stay on top of all my commitments
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