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Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase

The Carpentries' community is invited to participate in a Virtual Showcase of our mentoring groups' projects.

  • What to expect: Each group will present one slide outlining something they learned or completed with their mentoring group. We will also answer questions from the community and discuss the benefits of mentoring.
  • Why attend: Be inspired by the projects of your global community members! Be empowered to start a new project, contribute to a lesson, or prepare to teach a lesson. Explore the benefits of mentoring and being a part of a global community.


There will be two showcases to accommodate multiple timzeones:

Showcase #1
November 8, 2018 at 1400 UTC.
Click here for your timezone.

Showcase #2
November 8, 2018 at 2300 UTC.
Click here for your timezone.


Please visit this Etherpad to sign up to attend.


For information regarding the Carpentries Mentoring Groups, e-mail Kari L. Jordan. To join the next Instructor Development Committee meeting, sign up via this Etherpad.