@rgaiacs rgaiacs released this May 24, 2018 · 89 commits to gh-pages since this release

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New Features

  • Migrate bin/*.py to Python 3

    Because Python 2 will not be supported soon
    and we are teaching Python 3 for a while.

  • Add note about the version of the style

    This will help maintainers, contributors and users.

  • Move boilerplate files to their own file

    This will help maintainers to copy some files.

  • Add .travis.yml

    This will help contributors to know what is wrong.


  • Fix favicon
  • Fix search (powered by Google)
  • Clean footer HTML
  • Fix Copyright information
  • Fix line wrap after dash in code block
  • Fix font size of h2 in call out box
  • Remove root and layout from YAML for boilerplate
  • Make Jekyll ignore .Rproj


Migration process

$ git remote add styles git@github.com:swcarpentry/styles.git
$ git fetch styles
$ git merge v9.5.0
$ git checkout --theirs bin/lesson_initialize.py Makefile
$ git add -f bin/lesson_initialize.py Makefile
$ git commit
$ cp bin/boilerplate/.travis.yml .
$ cp bin/boilerplate/aio.md .
$ cp bin/boilerplate/_extras/figures.md _extras
$ git add aio.md _extras/figures.md
$ git commit


YAML header

layout and root can be removed from most of the files, except index.md and reference.md.