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Task Force Charter: Articulating The Carpentries Values

Approved: 2019-04-18


Shared values and goals have long been the starting point of communities of practice as they identify changes they want to see and start working together towards it. The Carpentries started out with a clear goal - teaching foundational computational skills to researchers worldwide.

Something that is also important and unique about our community is how we work and engage with each other. As a community values are important to us and we consider that we have a set of shared values. However we have not yet articulated what these values are.

The Executive Council did some preliminary work on this at the 2018 in-person, and The Carpentries team has also done a values exercise that has led to some initial ideas of values statements that we can potentially formalise. We’ve used what’s come from these themes to identify some draft Values statements.

To truly be reflective of the community however, it’s important that broad community engagement be a part of creating these values statements. Through this project, we want to get feedback from the community as a whole on what they value as important and use this information to inform and create and release our first version of a set of value statements.


  • Actively engage the community as a whole in creating our values. Values created together will be more meaningful to the organisation and the community if created together.
    • Create a communications plans and feedback mechanism for community to contribute thoughts and ideas around this project
    • Collect Values words
    • Group Values words from feedback to create themes
    • Use the themes to create values statements. If themes from community match those and from team and Executive Council feedback, use alpha draft values statements as a starting place.
  • Generate more community engagement and enthusiasm and buy-in through the values that are created, representative of a real set of shared values.


  • Blog posts with questions for the community during development of values
  • Values webpage on with the released values statements
  • Values statement blog post
  • Task Force report

Task Force Members

Kari Jordan
Amy Hodge
Serah Njambi Rono
Tracy Teal

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