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The Carpentries Lab

Thank you for your interest in The Carpentries Lab! This repository is used to track the lessons that are aimed to be reviewed by our community. Our reviews are open, and their goal is to ensure that the lessons follow best practices in pedagogy and the general teaching practices used in Carpentries workshops.

Everyone participating in The Carpentries Lab agrees to follow The Carpentries Code of Conduct.

Why The Carpentries Lab?

There is excitement and interest in the way The Carpentries teach and deliver workshops. We are developing tools and templates for lessons that have proven to be effective to format and deliver both in workshop settings and for self-guided learning.

There is also a need from learners who have participated in our workshops to explore further topics that can only be covered briefly in our 2-day trainings.

The goal of The Carpentries Lab is to be a repository of high-quality, community-reviewed, discoverable lessons. People already familiar with The Carpentries teaching practice can pick them up and teach them in meetups, in class, or in complement of a "standard" Carpentries 2-day workshop. The lessons can also be used by independent learners, outside of workshops.

The Carpentries Lab vs The Carpentries Incubator

The Carpentries Lab is for:

  • Repository of peer-reviewed, short-format, lessons that use the teaching approach and lesson design from The Carpentries.
  • Getting peer-review on the content of the lesson in the way traditional journal peer-review wouldn’t be able to provide.

The Carpentries Incubator is for:

  • Collaborative lesson development
  • Providing visibility on lessons that are being worked on

If you haven’t already been invited to submit your lesson materials to The Carpentries Lab, please submit to The Carpentries Incubator.

Why should you submit your lesson to The Carpentries Lab?

  • As a lesson author, you value the feedback from reviewers, and you are interested in receiving feedback and contributions from members of the community.
  • The Carpentries will publicize your lessons through The Carpentries Lab website.
  • You will have the opportunity to submit your lesson to The Journal of Open Source Education (JOSE).

What makes a lesson a good candidate for The Carpentries Lab?

  • We welcome contributions across the full "digital skills" spectrum.
  • Your lesson can be taught in 1.5, 3, or 6 hours.
  • It follows The Carpentries approach to curriculum development detailed in our Curriculum Development Handbook.
  • It uses The Carpentries lesson template.
  • It teaches open-source tools.
  • It conforms to our Code of Conduct.

What is the process for submitting a lesson to The Carpentries Lab?

If you haven’t already been invited to submit your lesson materials to The Carpentries Lab, please submit to The Carpentries Incubator.

  • Once you have been invited to submit your materials, open an Issue in this repository to request a review
  • The editor will assess the submission for fit and overall quality, and assign reviewers.
  • The reviewers will use The Carpentries checklists and guidelines to provide feedback on the lesson.
  • Once accepted, the lesson in transfered to The Carpentries Lab GitHub organization and gets listed on The Carpentries Lab website.

This process is inspired by the software review from rOpenSci

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