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CARP project validation cases to demonstrate PENCIL.

 * PENCIL toolchain:
 * PENCIL util:
 * PPCG toolchain:
 * SHOC benchmark suite:
 * Rodinia 3.0 benchmark suite:

   The following variables should be specified:
   ARCH - target architecture (ARCH=arm-none-linux-gnueabi-)
   PENCIL_TOOLS_HOME - path to PENCIL repository clone (PENCIL_TOOLS_HOME=/path/to/pencil/clone)
   PENCIL_UTIL_HOME - path to PENCIL util (PENCIL_UTIL_HOME=/path/to/pencil/util)
   PPCG_PATH - path to PPCG repository clone (PPCG_PATH=/path/to/ppcg/clone)
   OPENCL_SDK - optional path to OpenCL SDK
   BOARD - address of the target board (BOARD=user@
   BOARD_DIR - directory on board used for execution (BOARD_DIR=/home/user/run)
   BOARD_DATA_DIR - directory on board used to store benchmark data (BOARD_DATA_DIR=/home/user/data). Should be different from BOARD_DIR.
   BOARD_LIB_DIR - directory on board used to install libraries (BOARD_LIB_DIR=/home/user/lib). Should be different from BOARD_DIR.
   SHOC_DIR - directory where SHOC is cloned (SHOC_DIR=/path/to/shoc/clone)
   RODINIA_DIR - directory where Rodinia is cloned (SHOC_DIR=/path/to/rodinia/clone)
   EXECUTION_TIME_LIMIT - execution time limit for benchmark in seconds (EXECUTION_TIME_LIMIT=180)

 * VALIDATION_CASES_DIR - directory where validation_cases repository is cloned
 * PENCIL_TOOLS_HOME - directory where PENCIL toolchain is cloned.
 * PENCIL_UTIL_HOME - directory where PENCIL util repository is cloned.
 * PPCG_PATH - directory where PPCG is cloned
 * SHOC_DIR - directory where SHOC is cloned
 * RODINIA_DIR - directory where Rodinia is cloned

1. Clone and build PENCIL toolchain using build instructions from README.txt
   file in PENCIL repository.

2. Clone SHOC and checkout the required version
   % git clone ${SHOC_DIR}
   % git checkout 4d476b46f7632752dd491238cd99158bc58ba3fb

3. Apply patches for SHOC and run configure
   % cd ${SHOC_DIR}
   % git apply ${VALIDATION_CASES_DIR}/patches/shoc/*.patch
   % ./configure

4. Apply patches for Rodinia
   % cd ${RODINIA_DIR}
   % patch -p1 < ${VALIDATION_CASES_DIR}/patches/rodinia/bfs.patch
   % patch -p1 < ${VALIDATION_CASES_DIR}/patches/rodinia/srad.patch
   % patch -p1 < ${VALIDATION_CASES_DIR}/patches/rodinia/gaussian.patch

5. Apply patch to PPCG to enable PENCIL runtime and build it
   % cd ${PPCG_PATH}
   % git checkout ppcg-0.03
   % patch -p1 < ${VALIDATION_CASES_DIR}/patches/ppcg/0001-PENCIL-runtime-support.patch
   % ./configure && make

6. Build the PENCIL runtime for your architecture:
   % make -C ${PENCIL_UTIL_HOME}/runtime OCL_UTIL=${PPCG_PATH}/ocl_utilities.c ARCH=${YOUR_ARCH}

7. Create configurations file for the validation cases
   % cp config.orig config
   % vim config

Running the validation cases
The validation cases are designed to be used with autotuner program to
determine the best set of PPCG options for the given application.
Building with a single set of selected options is also possible.

Benchmarks will be run on the board specified by the $BOARD variable via ssh.
Running the benchmarks locally is not explicitly supported but can be done by
setting BOARD=localhost.

To run the benchmark use the following commands in the benchmark directory
(${VALIDATION_CASES_DIR}/src/spmv for example):

1. Running single configuration:
    % make build
    % make prepare #only once per benchmark to copy required data on board
    % make run

2. Running the original version of the benchmark
    % make prepare
    % make run-orig

3. Running the exploration. Validation cases repository contains simple script
   to explore the PPCG options. It can be launched in the benchmark directory:
   % python ../

   The set of params to explore is specified in the file.


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