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WRT Bastard

WRT Bastard is a library that simplifies development of Nokia WRT mobile applications.


To install WRT Bastard as a submodule to an existing git source code repository:

git submodule add git:// wrt_bastard

Or, if you have write access:

git submodule add wrt_bastard

If your cloning the project containing WRT Bastard, you need to initialize the submodule and set it to a master branch.

git clone some_project.git
cd some_project
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd wrt_bastard
git checkout master

If you want to get new changes for WRT Bastard cd wrt_bastard git pull


For debugging purposes in Firefox, you need to enable cross site scripting. This requires setting signed.applets.codebase_principal_support to true in about:config


Copyright © 2010 Tomislav Car, Josip Bišćan (Infinum)