Project covering coevolution of game state evaluation functions using cartesian genetic programming
C Python Scheme
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Brad Johnson-Stahlhut's Senior Seminar Project and Paper
Current work can be found at

* doc/final/EvaluationFunctionEvolution.pdf - final paper
* doc/journal/journal.txt - journal for project notes
* doc/journal/time.dat - data file for time tracking

* doc/presentation/CartesianGeneticProgramming.pdf - final presentation
* doc/proposal/ProjectProposal.pdf - project proposal
* doc/survey/CombinatorialGameTheory.pdf survey paper

* src/netlogo/cgp.nlogo - NetLogo model as a proof of concept

* src/cgp/Makefile - driver for compiling C code

* src/cgp/cgp_net.c - function definitions for cartesian genetic programs
* src/cgp/cgp_net.h - function prototypes and data structures
* src/cgp/cgp_net_test.c - test functions

* src/cgp/common.c - general functions shared by other programs
* src/cgp/common.h - shared function prototypes, data structures and variables

* src/cgp/tic_tac_toe.c - functions specific to playing a game of tic-tac-toe
* src/cgp/tic_tac_toe.h - function prototypes and data structures 
* src/cgp/tic_tac_toe_test.c - test functions

* src/cgp/tournament.c - incomplete set of functions for tournament play
* src/cgp/tournament.h - function prototypes and data structures

* src/function-space/ - a file used to explore the function 
	area of ternary logic and possible implementations of functional nodes

* src/structs-arrays-pointers/sap.c - simple exploration of structs, arrays and 
* src/structs-arrays-pointers/Makefile - driving for compiling c code