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## Installation
+Install the latest release:
gem install carrierwave-mongoid
-## Requiring the gem
+Require it in your code:
require 'carrierwave/mongoid'
-## Using Bundler
+Or, in Rails you can add it to your Gemfile:
gem 'carrierwave-mongoid', :require => 'carrierwave/mongoid'
+## Getting Started
+Follow the "Getting Started" directions in the main [Carrierwave repository](
+[Suggested] Add the field to your attr_accessor list for mass assignment protection:
+ attr_accessible :avatar, :avatar_cache
+Now you can cache files by assigning them to the attribute; they will automatically be stored when the record is saved. Ex:
+ u =
+ u.avatar ='somewhere')
## Using MongoDB's GridFS store
-You'll need to configure the database and host to use:
+Optionally, you can configure Carrierwave to use GridFS instead of the filesystem. Ex:
CarrierWave.configure do |config|

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