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feature: more options for gridfs #30

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there s a new api for the current gridfs ruby driver (latest mongoid uses it)

and there are more options that can be set for storing the files.


# Saving IO data
file ="me.jpg")
id2  = @grid.put(file, 
         :filename     => "my-avatar.jpg" 
         :content_type => "application/jpg", 
         :_id          => 'a-unique-id-to-use-in-lieu-of-a-random-one',
         :chunk_size   => 100 * 1024,
         :metadata     => {'description' => "taken after a game of ultimate"})


id2   = @grid.put(image, "my-avatar.jpg", :safe => true) 

currently with latest mongoid i wasnt able to access the content-type
i had to save it manually to my model which includes the uploader

It would be great if we could define these options somewhere and that content-type works again.

best regards

CarrierWave member

(I fixed the code formatting in the original issue)

Could you please elaborate on this a bit more? CW-Mongoid already uses the :content_type option when saving the file to GridFS.

CarrierWave member

Closing this issue out. Please feel free to re-open with a failing test or pull-request.

@rmm5t rmm5t closed this
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