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release 3.0 branch as a gem #70

amkirwan opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Is it possible to release the 3.0 branch as a gem? Right now it is not possible to use carrierwave-mongoid as a gem dependency when using mongoid 3.0.


Seconded - hope this makes it into the official release soon.

@amkirwan You can still put this in your Gemfile and load it as a gem:

gem 'carrierwave-mongoid', :git => "", :branch => "mongoid-3.0",
                           :require => 'carrierwave/mongoid'

That's ok for a Gemfile, but we can't use the 3.0 branch as a gem dependency (we can't load it in a .gemspec file).


@lfittl Yes I have done that but like volmer said I need it as a gem dependency in a .gemspec file and as a branch I can't load it.


Just cleaning up some issues. Carrierwave-mongoid 0.3.0 was released last month.

@rmm5t rmm5t closed this
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