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remove gridfs dependency #94

arthurnn opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Can we make gridfs dependency optional. I guess for a lot of use cases dont need that extra dependency.


Making the dependency optional opens up extra configuration for a common use case. It also removes the ability to have automatic version dependency resolution through rubygems/bundler.

The mongoid-grid_fs gem is 13KB. That's probably smaller than most of the images in most web apps. Is there a strong technical reason to lazy require this dependency, or is this request mostly driven by purism?


I guess thats true, there is no main technical reason for it, it is only for the sake of not to have an extra dependency. But you got a fair point, on extra config.


@arthurnn arthurnn closed this

One particular reason for this would be to upgrade to mongoid 4.. current I have to change/upgrade the required version of mongoid in 2 gems, mongoid-grid_fs and carrierwave-mongoid.


fell free to cherry-pick my commits if you want to make grid-fs not mandatory, and make carrierwave suport mongoid 4 ..


@arthurnn I just relaxed dependencies in both carrierwave-mongoid and mongoid-grid_fs (master branches) to allow for mongoid 4.

You should be able to point at both in your Gemfile now. Let me know how it goes.


@rmm5t works fine.. thanks. only issue is that in my gemfile I still need to specify

gem "mongoid-grid_fs", github: "ahoward/mongoid-grid_fs"

even if I am not using it. :cry:


works fine.. thanks

Great. You're welcome.

even if I am not using it.

Sorry, but that's the price you'll have to pay for running against master on 4 projects at once :wink:

@aCandidMind aCandidMind referenced this issue from a commit in beanangel/beanangel_backend
@aCandidMind aCandidMind ~bundle: Updating carrierwave-mongoid to 0.6.3. Previously it was on
0.1.0 only because its dependency mongoid-grid_fs (dependent on even
if you're not using GridFS, see
doesn't have a release with mongoid 4 support. 0.1.0 didn't have hard
version restrictions that's why this was bundled in the first place.
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