Clean and Fast Video Embedding for Web Pages
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Clever Video

Clean and Fast Video Display for Web Pages


Clever Video is a JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS 3 video-display library for the Web. It has several high-level goals:

  • to improve user experiences involving video display, especially initial loading speed and responsiveness
  • to make video-embedding clean, fast, and consistent
  • to make videos integrate well into responsive designs
  • to support both well-established and developing standards and movements such as ECMAScript (JavaScript), HTML5, CSS 3, and Web components
  • to enable clean and easy integration with other libraries such as Cleverlay
  • to evolve with the Web

While there is some overlap among those goals, each one has value apart from other goals and warrants its own consideration.

Clever Video is still very much a work in progress. It already uses custom HTML elements, but for now it replaces them via AngularJS. AngularJS may or may not be required for future versions.

Live Demo

You can see a live demo running here.

Known Issues

  • Internet Explorer does not display dynamically created iframes as expected.
  • In browsers that do display dynamically created iframes as expected (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari), there can be a significant delay when loading several videos at once. This is not a problem specific to Clever Video, but one of the specific issues Clever Video is being made to address.
  • The Gruntfile could use some cleanup and documentation. :)

Who is making this?

Clever Video is being made by Brian Sexton of Carroket, Inc.