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CarrotGarden SCR

CarrotGarden SCR provides OSGI Service-Component descriptor generator according to a proposal described in RFC 0172 Declarative Services Annotations (page 187).

CarrotGarden SCR allows for interactive SCR component descriptor updates in eclipse which will be compatible with your non-interactive jenkins maven builds.

Extremely fast. Incremental. Single SCR xml descriptor per component. Watch your SCR descriptors built before your eyes in eclipse maven console.

CarrotGarden SCR is comprised of: annotations, maven plugin, eclipse connector.


carrot-osgi-anno-scr provides osgi annotations and the annotation processor.

Maven Plugin

carrot-maven-scr-plugin incorporates annotation processor in maven build.

learn more on maven info site and get latest version of the plugin from maven central.

Eclipse Connector

com.carrotgarden.m2e.scr is an m2e maven/eclipse connector for the annotation processor and the maven plugin.

use this repository update site to add connector to an eclpse profile.

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