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This project is no longer under development. We have created an alternative CMS workflow for roots using Contentful and Netlify. If you're interested, read our blog post about it and check out our roots-contentful extension.

Build Status

A tool for easier dynamic content management in roots projects.

Note: This project is in early development, and versioning is a little different. Read this for more details.

Development is tracked through a public Trello board. There you can see what's being worked on and discuss future features.

Any bugs should be logged in the Github Issue tracker.


requires node version > 0.10

npm install roots-cms -g


roots-cms in your roots project directory

This starts an Express server and opens a browser to a GUI app for managing your dynamic content files. When you're finished editing, <ctrl>+c to stop the web server. All your changes should be written to your dynamic content files, ready for you to commit and deploy!

npm test runs the test suite.


Roots CMS reads special configuration from a JSON file (cms.json). This JSON file enables configuration as well as enhanced CMS functionality like custom css templates, s3 image uploading, basic auth, and custom view templates.

Take a look at cms.json.example to get a good overview of what's available. Then add your own cms.json to the roots project to get started. Here are options you can set:

content_dir: If you want to only display one directory of dynamic content, specify the path to the content directory relative to the roots project.

{"content_dir": "blog_posts"}

basic_auth: Takes an object with keys username and password. Adds HTTP Basic auth if defined.

  "basic_auth": {
    "username": "username",
    "password": "password"

uploader: Choose which file uploader adapter to use for uploading images to the project. Defaults to uploading to the roots project's file system. Specify the adapter, each adapter will have additional options that can be passed in.

FS uploader config:

  "uploader": {
    "adapter": "fs",
    "dir": "assets/img/uploads"

S3 uploader config:

  "uploader": {
    "adapter": "s3",
    "key": "XXX",
    "secret": "XXX",
    "bucket": "bucket-name"

templates: You can pass an object with key-value pairs to a jade template in your roots project that Roots-CMS will attempt to compile and use those templates for its Marionette views. Use this to customize the markup for the Roots-CMS front-end. Right now the only template you can override is content_edit.

  "templates": {
    "content_edit": "assets/cms/templates/_content_show.jade"

css: Pass it a relative path to a custom stylesheet you'd like Roots-CMS to load.

{ "css": "assets/css/_blogging.styl" }

Setting up Roots CMS in a production environment

While this app is primarily intended to be run locally, it can also be deployed to a server to manage a roots project repo on the server. A guide to setting it up on a server can be found in the wiki.