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Amazon S3

Pushes target to amazon s3, at a publicly available bucket intended for serving files over the internet. If you do not already have a bucket, one will be created for you.

Config Values

  • access_key: you can get this from the s3 account panel
  • secret_key: you can get this from the s3 account panel
  • bucket: (optional) the name of your bucket, defaults to current folder name
  • region: (optional) region of your bucket, defaults to us-east-1

Getting Keys

The AWS control panel is notoriously confusing, so here's a simple guide on how to get what you need from it. First, in order to skip a confusing maze of about 10 links in order to get there, hit this link to get to your security credentials page. Now drop down the "Access Keys" menu and copy out your access keys. Whoo, painless!

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