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Ref Value Footprint
C1 4.7u Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C2 22p Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C3 22p Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C4 100n Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C5 100n Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C6 100n Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C7 100n Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
C8 100n Capacitors_SMD:C_0402
Q1 BC846 f-91w:SOT416
R1 10k Resistors_SMD:R_0402
R2 47k Resistors_SMD:R_0402
R3 100 Resistors_SMD:R_0402
U1 MSP430FR6972 Housings_DFN_QFN:QFN-64-1EP_9x9mm_Pitch0.5mm
U2 LCD-F-91W f-91w:LCD-F-91W
U3 TSOP57xxx f-91w:TSOP57xxx
U4 MAG3110 Housings_DFN_QFN:DFN-10-1EP_2x2mm_Pitch0.4mm
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